If you care for a person who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or is suffering from noticeable memory loss, you should know about our clinical research study evaluating a study drug aimed at halting the progression of the disease rather than just treating its symptoms. The study drug targets the abnormal tau tangles in the brain that have been directly linked with Alzheimer’s. This study follows a Phase 2 clinical trial involving more than 300 Alzheimer’s patients that showed a 90% reduction in the rate of disease progression over two years. This study aims to replicate the promising results achieved in the Phase 2 trial.

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Take the pre-screener to see if you qualify

If you are interested in finding out if the person you are caring for could potentially participate in this study, the first step is to take our pre-screener. You will be asked a series of questions about the person with Alzheimer's for whom you are caring. Your answers will help determine if they qualify to participate.

The information you provide will not be shared without your consent. If you pre-qualify and give your permission, your answers will be shared with the research center you select. Someone from the center will then contact you to discuss your involvement in further detail.

By taking the pre-screener, you are taking an important step toward helping to make a difference – for you and for them.